Jaquez Interior Designs is a Dallas based interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial spaces. With a concentration in design and complete renovations, Jaquez Interior Designs takes pride in helping clients identify their needs and dreams and translating them into a tasteful and glamorous reality.


Jaquez Interior Designs was created from a desire to combine my expertise in design with a fresh and creative approach to the process. We bring passion, eloquence, and style to every project and believe that the end product should be a setting that reflects the homeowner's personality, lifestyle and vision.


Let us introduce you to a lifestyle you know you deserve.

Our philosophy has always been to find the ordinary in the unique, rare, and beautiful and seamlessly work that into our perfectly proportioned and tailored interiors.


Meet the designer

Cristal Jaquez knows style. She is a woman of substance and finesse and she understands that your home is a reflection of who you are and what you do. She is not constrained by one particular aesthetic: While her design style may be loosely defined as modern enhanced with mid-century decor, it is always fluid, evolving and consistently organic and playful.


Growing up, Cristal has always been passionate about the visual arts maintaining constant involvement in photography, design and building things from scratch. It often comes easy to a designer to draw an idea and materialize it—but it takes a natural born artist to study a client and collaborate with them to build something that feels like the right place and the right time. 


Cristal's approach to every project is very personal. She looks for inspiration in art, travel, nature, music and even food, to contrive unique and rich ideas. 

Our Promises to You

We will responsibly guide you through every aspect of the design process.

We will guard your privacy and protect your personal space.

We will communicate frequently and with the method you prefer.

We will design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

We will select products for their impact on the environment, and their aesthetics, appropriateness and durability.

We will recommend reputable and responsible manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs.

We will manage your project with professionalism, respect, and above all, integrity.

We will consider the environment impact of everything we do for you.

We will be completely honest with you even if it isn’t what you want to hear.